Typical Day

NuYu Yoga Class @ Hawkesbury ValleyAfter years of research we have developed programs that ensures you achieve the very best results.

Retreat programs are run on a full-time basis, 6 days of the week, where Sunday is a nominated rest day and free time for program participants.

Everyday is different and our program schedules are always changing to keep it fresh and exciting for you.

The following timetable is an example of a typical day on the NuYu programs.

A Typical Day at our Retreats


Weight Loss Retreat

Fitness Retreat

7:00am Morning Walk
Morning Walk/Jog
7:45am Healthy Choices Breakfast Healthy Choices Breakfast
8:30am Taoist Breathing and Tai Chi Taoist Breathing & Tai Chi
8:45am Morning Exercise Session
Fit to flex, Fitness challenges, Interactive circuits, High intensity games, Boxing session, Interval training etc
Morning Exercise Session
Mission session, fitness challenge, 'fit' games, boot camp, water sports (stand up paddle board, kayaking)^ etc
10:30am Healthy Morning Tea Healthy Morning Tea
11:00am Mid Morning Exercise Session
Functional strength class, Pilates and core workout, Anti gravity yoga, Aqua or spin class etc
Mid Morning Exercise Session
Bike ride, deep water running, functional strength etc
1:00pm Delicious lunch - Healthy Choice Options Delicious Lunch - Healthy Choice Options
2:00pm Lifestyle & Habit Change Workshops
Food psychology, Goals and Planning, Fitness, Nutrition, Relaxation, Self development, Shopping Tours, Interactive cooking classes
Optional Time
Additional own training, free time, Personal Training (1-on-1)*, massage or other treatments*, lifestyle workshop*
4:00pm Healthy Afternoon Tea Healthy Afternoon Tea
4:30pm Optional Classes
Spin class, Relaxation, Roller rehab, Yoga Stretch, psychology/physio/massage session*, or free time
Optional Classes
Spin class, kick shield & boxing, treatment* or free time
6:30pm Delicious Dinner - Healthy Choice Options Delicious Dinner - Healthy Meal Choices
7:00pm Free time Free Time

* Optional sessions - additional costs apply

^ Only available at Salt Beach

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