5 Day KickStart Challenge – Day 1

Full Body Workout, Protein Breakfast and Get More Steps In.

Today’s Goal

Today’s goal is to take notice of our nutrition and exercise then implement a small change in each area that will work towards our weight loss target. I have given 3 simple challenges that will help get us started.

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise. Over the course of this challenge, we will talk about nutrition a lot. Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do. Without it we will undermine our efforts in other areas. That is why it is important to make small but sustainable changes to our diet which will provide a building block for our daily lives to improve upon. In an importance scale of what we should focus on to get the healthy lifestyle we want I would say diet is 80% and exercise 20%. If we learn anything from this challenge it should be to implement nutrition changes slowly to build towards a healthy balanced diet.\


The Protein Breakfast

Today I want you to swap out your regular breakfast for some workout fuel. Here’s my favourite way to start the day:

  • A 3-egg omelette.
  • A handful of nuts of your choice. (Cashews are my fav!)
  • 2 different pieces of fresh fruit.

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Why is protein important?

 Protein is the fuel muscles need to recover properly. It is made up of amino acids, some of which are essential in diet as the body cannot produce them. It works by repairing muscle that has been damaged (in a good way) during a workout. With our daily exercise will come muscle breakdown. This will need to recover through adequate protein intake.

How much protein do I need?

Getting enough protein for muscle recovery depends on bodyweight. The recommended daily allowance is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. When trying to lose weight this increases to 1-2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

Weight loss recommendation:

For example,
if you are 100kg in weight you will require around 100 grams of protein daily.
If you are 120kg in weight you will require around 120 grams of protein daily.
Both examples are estimates but you should speak to your doctor about personal protein intake.

 Eating plenty protein is also great to keep us feeling fuller for longer. Protein takes longer to process and so it remains in the stomach longer than other macronutrients. This is great news if you are looking to reduce hunger when making changes to the diet.

Protein is great, so why the fruit?

 If you are wondering why I have added fruit in here when we know fruit is full of sugar, here’s the reason. Fruit is packed full of fibre. Fibre also takes longer to digest and makes us feel fuller. Fibre Is also great for the gut. You’ve probably seen the adverts about good and bad bacteria in the stomach? Fibre fuels that good bacteria.


Now you’ve had breakfast and you’re ready to workout.

It’s important to remember… small and steady.

Start small and keep consistent.

If we try to do too much too soon, we will become demotivated and give up. That’s not what we want! Let’s try this simple 4 exercise workout and feel better instantly.

There are 2 different modifications for each exercise depending on your level. Try the beginner option first and then move on to the next level if you feel comfortable.

Squat drops                 35 seconds      rest 25 seconds

Modified Push-ups      35 seconds      rest 25 seconds

Bird-dogs                     35 seconds      rest 25 seconds

Hip Bridge                   35 seconds     

Rest                             1 minute

Repeat 3 more times.


Get in the right mindset

I want you to think about the mindset challenge today and for the remainder of the KickStart program.

Today’s mindset challenge is to Get More Steps In.

Get More Steps In

The importance of daily activity.

Did you know that planned exercise only counts for a small percentage of calories burnt per day? Most of the energy you use is through daily tasks such as walking to the bus stop or shopping.

To increase the chance of weight loss we should then consider ‘getting more steps in’ every day. Walking 10,000 steps each day could burn as much as 400 calories and make a huge difference to your weight loss journey. I don’t want to give you a target this big. Only to increase the number of steps each day.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Take the stairs!

Try to choose the stairs when you can, avoid elevators and escalators as much as possible.

  1. Walk whilst on the phone.

Try walking around when someone calls you, or you are in the office. Getting away from the desk and walking around could make a huge difference to your daily steps.

  1. Park further from the supermarket.

If you drive to the supermarket, try parking as far away in the car park as possible so you have to walk more.

  1. Get off the bus early.

If you take public transport at any point, try getting off one stop early and walking the last stop. This is a great way you can get in extra steps.


If you can think of a creative way to get more steps in, then take initiative and implement it into your routine.

Don’t forget this isn’t a daily challenge. Getting more steps in should be a new mindset moving forward. Each day try to improve on this goal. Start small and stay consistent.

Wetruly believe you can master today’s challenges. To keep yourself motivated try telling your friends and family. They can help keep you accountable and spur you on when you need an extra push. Don’t get discouraged by failure. Failure is essential to learning.

All we ask is that you try your best.

Good luck and we will see you tomorrow for day 2!

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