Our programs have had tremendous success in helping past clients achieve their weight loss and health goals; below is an assortment of video testimonials for you to browse:



Dr Mark (General practitioner) – [Completed a NuYu program]

“An excellent program based on the two core components of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and exercise, will indeed benefit those wanting to lose weight, increase their fitness and generally have a more productive and enjoyable life… I totally recommend NuYu as a safe and competent way to all wanting to take that first step to a healthier and happy life.”

Andrea; Physiotherapist – [Completed a NuYu program]

” I attended the two week fitness camp at Kingscliff. I found the program to exceed my expectations. The program is very well structured and professionally presented encompassing well written exercise prescription, comfortable accommodation, restaurant quality meals and adequate time for rest, recovery and relaxation. The main standout features of the program were variety in the exercise program to include a range of fun activities such as paddle-boarding, gym classes, breathing exercises, beach games, hydrotherapy, tennis and bike riding, classy execution of ‘Master Chef’ style cooking classes and the opportunity to work on individual fitness goals such as core stability.”

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