NuYu programs are tremendously successful in helping guests achieve their weight loss and health goals; below is an assortment of written testimonials for you to browse:

Katrina Haugh – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

NuYu has totally changed my life for the better.

I came to NuYu not only to lose weight but to see what I could accomplish when I am out of my comfort zone. What happened in just 4 weeks was incredible.

I had suffered chronic headaches for 9 years and while at NuYu did not suffer from a single headache after the first week and a half of being there. I did lose weight and centimeters but more importantly was introduced to the ‘girl’ I had not seen for many years because she was hidden under self-doubt and anxiety.

My self-confidence and self-esteem has been boosted and with the help of everyone at NuYu my journey to a healthier happier life has just begun.

Thank you

Martin Bailey – Nu-Life Day Stay Experience

I’ve lost 17kg’s & I’m closer to my goal weight every day. I had been yo-yo dieting all of my life, getting bigger and bigger each time. Finally I have found the answer to long term weight loss. I’m fitter & healthier than ever. It’s saved my life! To see Martin’s Before & After photos click here

Chris White – Nu-Life Day Stay Experience

I have just had the pleasure of attending NUYU Weight loss retreat for the past 10 weeks and achieved a weight loss of 28 kgs, as a result of this my blood pressure medication has been cut in half and will soon not be needed at all, for the first time in my life I have been given the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Everything from correct exercise techniques to good nutrition and self development have gone a long way to making me feel good about myself and given me the confidence to continue my weight loss into the future.

Shaun and Gavin and the rest of the NUYU team were extremely generous of their time and patience and have changed my life for the better thank you so much,

Yours sincerely,
Chris White

Kate Anderson - NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at NuYu. I can’t believe the amazing results being here and it has helped me achieve a loss of 30kgs.

My time at NuYu has taught me so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle. My mindset and attitude towards healthy food and exercise has completely changed for the better.

It has been a completely life changing experience.

Sharon White – Nu-Life Day Stay Experience

To Shaun, Gavin and the rest of the NuYu team, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for helping me kick start my get healthy journey.

I walked into NuYu on March 31st as an unhealthy, overweight, type 2 diabetic with chronic lower back & leg pain– I walked out 3 weeks later a different woman. I not only lost weight and noticed incredible changes to my health but learnt how to exercise safely, enjoyed the seminars on self development, nutrition etc. I actually loved everything about the program. It was positive, encouraging and most of all fun.

Now after a total of 10 weeks I am a NuMe having lost 15 kgs, so many centimetres I have lost count and best of all my blood sugar readings are always between 4.9 & 7.0. Amazing!. My doctor has halved the diabetic medication and says if I continue this lifestyle change I could be off the tablets altogether soon. My back is even heaps better. Yeah! I feel fit & well for the first time in years.

NuYu quite literally is my life saver and I will be forever grateful for the encouragement, care and respect you show me.

I wish you every success in all you do. Keep up the wonderful work.

Sharon White

Barbara Abbott – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

Wow what a program. I’ve tried all the diets and been to lots of health retreats before looking for that quick fix to my weight and health problem, but never did I get the results I was hoping for. Until now. I feel that NuYu has finally shown me how to live healthy and get the results I want and need. Most of all I am confident that I can sustain what I have learnt and will continue to become thinner and healthier.

Thank you to all the staff at NuYu, your support and encouragement is inspirational, your home accommodation is beautiful, and your program is the best I have ever experienced. Keep up the great work.

Roberta & Nitsa Faddoul – Nu-Life Day Stay Experience

You guys are the very best. Your warmth, encouragement, commitment and passion are a real INSPIRATION…. I have been so blessed to have had you angels come into my life. You are both wonderful, I could not have dreamed of a better team atmosphere. These have been the BEST 4 WEEKS EVER being here. Words cannot express my gratitude for you guys. This is just the beginning and my one wish would be to always have the spirit of NuYu alive in me. Thank you with all of my heart.

Zara Challinor – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed being here. I’m going home a much lighter and stronger person – lighter in weight but also in spirit! You are a special team of people – your patience alone is outstanding, and your ability to bring a group of vastly different personalities and fitness levels together and actually supporting each other is another reason why NuYu is so special. Thank you.

Judy Bowden – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

Thank you for all that you have taught me during my stay in December. You guys have an incredible and wonderful business and truly positive attitude that is most infectious to those around you. Words cannot express the care and confidence you gave to our group. You have helped me on many levels. All the very best for 2008, my sincere thanks.

Vanessa Martino – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

The energy and attitude in here is very uplifting and the support is awesome. For me, weight loss is now a fun and exciting challenge rather than the nightmare it was just a few weeks ago. THANK YOU.

Debra Cooper – Nu-Life Day Stay Experience

(1 week after program) Keep up the good work, it’s an excellent and much needed service you are providing and obviously with so much passion and enthusiasm.

(5 weeks after program) Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the changes you have helped me make to my life in just 5 (nearly) weeks I have only had a square of chocolate here and there not very often – big change from chocolate every day and I don’t even miss it. After a week of 2 dinners out (for my birthday and lunch with my friends finishing off with a weekend away for hubby’s Xmas party I have still managed to lose weight this week it is amazing how easy it is to put everything into practice and still enjoy myself without feeling deprived just by making good choices.

(7 months after program) I am doing great. I am near my goal weight and loving life. I have entered into a half marathon and am looking forward to the Sydney City to Surf, and am really enjoying my exercise, I feel that my food is well under my control again and I am never looking back ever again. Thank you to NuYu for kick starting this whole journey off for me.

Maureen Owen – NuYu Full Retreat Lifestyle Experience

NuYu you have changed my life, I’ve lost 9kg’s in 4 weeks and dropped two dress sizes. My aches and pains are gone, and I feel young again. Thank you for your caring and supportive attitudes, you are the best

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