About NuYu

As industry leaders in weight loss and lifestyle change we use our expertise in weight loss and obesity combined with evidence-based measures to deliver the best programs available.

Our expertise combined with beautiful retreat locations come together to make your time with us truly life changing.


Our focus is your success. With NuYu you will achieve;

  • Best results
  • Habit change (changing bad habits into healthy new ones)
  • Our approach is truly whole’istic where we encompass every aspect of healthy living and provide a practical and sustainable system for you to follow for the rest of your life. NuYu simply works!

    You already know what you should be doing!

    The challenge is actually doing it and breaking the pattern whilst at home, in your normal stress filled environment.

    Losing weight is not about being super intelligent, knowing all of the technical facts or being a star athlete; it’s about doing small, simple things that improve your health (rather than detract from it) on a regular basis. If done consistently these small things will lead to lifelong success.

    ‘Success is the sum of many small efforts repeated day in and day out. Success therefore is not an act but a habit.’ – Robert Collier

    The only difference between a healthy person and an unhealthy person is the beliefs and habits (or daily rituals) each person has in relation to food, exercise and general lifestyle.

    Our successful programs allow you to getaway from it all to focus on yourself. In doing this they also provide the opportunity to kick-start some amazing results whilst with us and also break your old unhealthy patterns (and set new healthy ones) for ongoing success at home.

    Our values
    • Health - We value health and well-being above all else
    • Attitude - We value the power of focus and discipline
    • People - We value you and everyone in and around NuYu
    • Passion - We value being passionate about all that we do
    • Yes - We value the power in saying yes