The importance of stretching!

The importance of stretching 20th September2013
Author: Shaun Cardillo

Inactivity and poor food choices are a big concern when it comes to our and our children's health. Childhood obesity in Australia is on the rise with 65% of children predicted to be obese by 2020. The two key contributors to these shocking figures include;
Poor food choices - children and families as a whole consuming high fat, high sugar foods rather than a following a nutritionally balanced diet
Inactivity - the changing Australian lifestyle is a lot more sedentary, with TV, computers and electronic hand held games replacing many active pastimes.
We here at NuYu, believe that with a few lifestyle changes these shocking figures can be decreased substantially! With the right education, awareness raising and implementation we hope that in years to come high levels of obesity are a thing of the past.

Stretching plays an important role in any health and fitness regime offering a multitude of benefits from increasing range of movement to prevention of injury. Introducing a practical stretching routine into your fitness regime is a positive step toward improving and prolonging your health and fitness.

Benefits of stretching 

The correct application of a stretching regime can be extremely beneficial; increasing your flexibility and pliability will increase your range of motion and improve performance ultimately leading to a reduction in risk of injury. Stretching can also reduce stress as stretching encourages a focus on your mind, body and breathing, helping you to forget your worries and find some inner peace. 

There are numerous ways of stretching, here are a few recommendations on how and when to incorporate stretching into your exercise routine. 

Dynamic stretching 

Dynamic stretching is a great way to warm up, the fluid movements increase your muscle and joint fluid temperature allowing your muscles to be more pliable and prepare your body for exercise.  

Static stretching 

Static stretching is beneficial at the end of an exercise routine, focusing on the major muscle groups and the muscles that are tight static stretching will increase longer term pliability and flexibility. 

Mind and body classes

Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance classes are just some of the great classes that have been developed to help you improve your stretching regime, not only allowing you to improve on your flexibility and range of motion but also to work on supportive muscle development. Check out what’s on in your local area, try out a class or two and see what works for you.

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