Recently an article was published by Sue Dunlevy for which detailed the growing ‘fat’ problem throughout Australia. To many, Australia appears to be a nation of health, a nation of fitness-lovers and those who love the great outdoors, however, whilst this is how the country is portrayed in the media to those overseas, it seems a shocking number of Australians fall into the ‘obese’ category, many of whom, reside outside of the major cities. According to the research carried out by Roy Morgan (20,000 subjects), 4 in every 5 people in some towns are considered to be overweight, with the nation’s fattest living in the South Australian towns of Mount Gambier, Bordertown and Naracoorte.

Unfortunately enjoying your unhealthy food a little too much, and combining this with little or no exercise can result not only in obesity, but also other health problems further down the line.

Education is the most important factor here. Here at NuYu, we want to educate people on healthy living, weight loss and fitness regimes. We give people the knowledge to continue with their journey of health long after the retreat has ended.

In order to change these shocking statistics, people need to take pride in their health and change their lifestyle habits; they need to know what this is doing to their bodies.

By making small gradual changes in your everyday life, you’ll enjoy seeing big changes by the end. Whatever the change is, skipping the snack, taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking up a new hobby of yoga… let’s all work together to change these statistics and turn Australia back into the healthy nation it was once portrayed to be.

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