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Have you been watching the Biggest Loser and now find yourself scared at the thought of exercise? Seeing contestants being dragged through mud, pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion that they either vomit or collapse and having trainers demanding more. Don’t get me wrong challenges are great and motivating people to push themselves is important but displaying exercise as something that is not enjoyable and at times is a form of punishment is not the attitude we want society to adopt particularly with the rising inactivity levels of Australians.

Exercise is an important element in health and fitness and definitely plays a key role in weight loss and lifestyle change. We should all be aiming to get at least 3 hours a week of structured exercise, some of us may see this as a daunting and undesirable task but here at NuYu Total Health we believe this is definitely achievable and most importantly can be a whole lot of fun!

So if The Biggest Loser style of training doesn’t fit with you, don’t despair as there are a myriad of options available from The Biggest Loser style right through to softer more personalised and supportive approaches. Best advice is to shop around and find one that’s just right for you.

If team games are your thing why not out basketball, soccer or hockey this Winter? If you prefer the gym there are a number of classes you can join from yoga to body pump or even speak to a personal trainer and designing your own program. And there are of course the multitude of activity options that can be accessed from your very own home from going for a run to walking the dog, going to a bike ride with the family to doing an aerobics session in your own living room. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are huffing and puffing!

So no more avoiding exercise because you’re afraid, let’s see you up and activity and having FUN!

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