If you’re single and ready to exercise but feel a distinct lack of encouragement, then here are some top tips in order to make the best of your work out and motivation. And remember, exercise releases endorphins, which, in turn help you to feel better about yourself, feel confident and ultimately feel a lot happier.


  • Buy those new running shoes. If like many of us, your exercise wardrobe is severely lacking in all areas, invest in some new exercise clothing. Like in other areas of our lives, new clothes instantly give us a little boost, and why not combine your love of clothes shopping with a need for motivation. The perfect excuse to go shopping! Opt for some bright colours. Colours not only instil feelings of ‘get-up-and-go’ but they also work as a safety measure for when exercising in public at dusk and dawn.
  • Write down your goals – whether it be weight loss, getting fit or finding a new hobby, what you want to achieve and when you think you’d be able to achieve this in. Make your goals realistic. The more realistic they are, the more achievable they will be and everyone loves achieving their goals – instant motivation to move onto bigger and better ones.
  • Do a healthy food shop… When we have fatty, sugary or salty foods in the cupboard we tend to fall back into the mindset of not caring. If healthy food lines the fridge, this is a reminder to get back out there and focus on being healthy. What we put in to our bodies radiates out. Get that glow back.
  • Read about health and fitness. This too will inspire you to make positive changes in your life.
  • If like many of us, that step inside the gym is just too daunting to bare – the feeling of eyes upon you, not being able to work the machines or simply not being able to handle any significant work out time – then why not book an initial personal training session. The trainers are able to inform you of what YOU should be doing, what will benefit you to achieve your goals and how to work those machines.
  • If you have signed up to gym memberships before but haven’t enjoyed the atmosphere or location, then it may be best to sample a few gyms in order to work out where you’d prefer the most. Many gyms offer a free trial period, and this is a great idea to see if you like it first, without being tied in to a membership.

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