Sharing Problems with Psychologist

Weight loss can be a tough road to tread but with the right support network it makes the journey just that little bit easier. We love that this year saw the Biggest Loser host parents and children working together to achieve their weight loss goals!

Obesity levels in Australia are alarmingly high and as health and fitness professionals it is our role to share our knowledge and experience with the nation and see that every Australian understands the importance of healthy living.

Educating the family unit is key if we want to see a change in Australia’s obesity levels, this is where children do a lot of their learning and this is where the most important role models live – their parents. By working together a family can achieve so much more than any one individual family member can achieve alone. We at NuYu Total Health love having parent child duos join us! It is great to see them supporting each other and learning together and ultimately they go home and not only change their own lives but teach and support the rest of their family how to changes theirs.

We hope to see more and more families working together and the audience of the Biggest Loser and the rest of Australia now believe change isn’t something you have to tackle on your own, it can be made possible as a family. Why not create your own biggest loser program at home or in your neighbourhood and change the lives of everyone around you.

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