When you have a demanding, high pressure job there’s no time for good food and exercise, right? Wrong! Finding time to eat well and exercise is absolutely possible and essential if you want to stick it out in the industry, perform at your peak and see your long term health and wellbeing flourish.

Here at NuYu we understand the pressures that work can place on you and your health; finding time to eat can be hard and often means grabbing something to take away and eating on the run, if at all. Meetings often mean copious tea, coffee and even alcohol if held over lunch or dinner. Travel time and hectic schedules means finding time for exercise can be hard, and forget about relaxation, there is no time for that.

The truth is, although managing a healthy lifestyle with such a hectic schedule can seem impossible, it in fact can be managed, even mastered with the right knowledge. NuYu have developed a new program, the Executive Wellness Retreat, aimed at business people who may need some help getting their health and wellness back on the right track. Developed to assist in overcoming obstacles to health and welling faced by the busy business person; stress, time management, poor food choices both on the run and while eating out at business meetings, alcohol and caffeine consumption and low activity levels; NuYu help you identify these shortcomings and offer proven ways to turn your health and wellness around.

Check out our Executive Wellness page for more information

In the meantime try out these top tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle for people on the go

  1. Eat breakfast – an important meal especially for those on the run. Fuelling your body for the day, eating an adequate healthy breakfast of wholegrain toast, cereal or fruit and yoghurt will sustain you for longer than a large coffee and donut from the local coffee not to mention it’s much better for your health!
  2. Drink water – sometimes drinking water throughout the day can be tough especially when on the road, try a keep a water bottle in the car and opt for a large glass of water over tea or coffee when at business meetings. A glass of water 10 minutes before a meal can also help with hunger levels.
  3. Snack healthily – a little forethought can go a long way when it comes to snacking. Carrots, celery or any particular raw vegetables that takes your fancy can make for a great snack that can accompany you while on the go. Cut up your favourite vegie the night before, keep in a zip lock bag and your set. If vegies aren’t your thing there are some great healthy snack ideas that you can throw into your brief case and will keep you going. We love cacao balls, fruit and nut mix, and Carmen’s muesli bars.
  4. Practice good posture – Shoulders back, chin up, and stand tall. Good posture can improve your mood immensely. Be sure to think about your posture when standing or sitting at the office desk or in the car.
  5. Take your calls on loud speaker – A perfect time to increase your activity levels, take your call on loud speaker, jump out of your chair and go for a walk, pace the office, get outside into the fresh air or why not try a few squats, these activities will not detract from call concentration and are a great way to keep active and improve health.

What did you think about this article? Join the conversation on NuYu’s Facebook page

What did you think about this article? Join the conversation on NuYu’s Facebook page