Music can be a great way to boost your workout performance. Thought to help us to run that extra mile, do that additional set and push ourselves that little bit harder, it has been found that music and the factor known as ‘rhythm response’ can give us that motivation we need to get the most out of our workout.

Rhythm response looks at how the beat of a song can match with the beat or pace of the runner. Selecting a play list with a high tempo is likely to get you moving that bit faster and pushing a bit harder. Music also engages the brain which means there is less processing of weariness, oxygen intake and other elements which may normally results in us backing off during our workout.

It is important to note that when exercising, especially when road running, it is essential you are aware of your surroundings, so be sure not to get too caught up in ‘the zone’ that you neglect your own safety and that those surround you.

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