Recently an article was published by Sue Dunlevy for which detailed the growing ‘fat’ problem throughout Australia. To many, Australia appears to be a nation of health, a nation of fitness-lovers and those who love the great outdoors, however, whilst this is how the country is portrayed in the media to those overseas, it seems a shocking number of Australians fall into the ‘obese’ category, many of whom, reside outside of the major cities.

According to the research carried out by Roy Morgan (20,000 subjects), 4 in every 5 people in some towns are considered to be overweight, with the nation’s fattest living in the South Australian towns of Mount Gambier, Bordertown and Naracoorte.

Unfortunately enjoying your unhealthy food a little too much, and combining this with little or no exercise can result not only in obesity, but also other health problems further down the line.
Some of you may have come across the 30 Day Challenge before, but for those that haven’t, it simply does exactly what it says on the tin. You just need to write down realistic, achievable goals that you aim to carry out daily, without fail, for 30 days.After completing the 30 days, you will definitely see results, and having done these for this period of time, the ease of carrying on will be very apparent. 30 Day Challenges can kick start lifestyle changes and have the ability to fix bad habits forever.

This is the perfect kick starter to improved fitness, weight loss and a body that’s ready for beach, one that you will be proud to show off…

It may be as simple as swapping that chocolate bar for an apple for 30 days, using the stairs instead of lifts or completing a set of 30 squats every morning… But once you see the results and the fruits of your labour, you’ll want to continue, and perhaps add on new challenges or start with something different the following month.

Exercise and healthy living is really quite addictive and once you set the initial challenge that’s achievable, bit by bit, you’ll certainly want to continue.

Why not start this now and have the body beach ready for the height of summer. By booking yourself in a week’s course (or even a day) at a NuYu Total Health Retreat you can determine what changes you want to make, discover a fitness regime and healthy eating plan that works for you, and then instil this into your 30 day plan. It’s the first step to a brand NuYu.

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