Sharon White - NuYu helped me beat chronic back-pain and type 2 diabetes

Sharon's Journey

Sharon joined NuYu in 2008 at 100.4kgs with debilitating lower back pain and severe type 2 diabetes. In addition to pain relief medication Sharon was taking 6 different tablets for her diabetes and was only one step away from being insulin dependent.

After just 3 weeks on the NuYu program Sharon’s blood sugar readings had dropped from an average of 12+ to 6 in the mornings and remained that way consistently. In addition the pain Sharon experienced from her back injury had reduced significantly which meant that she was able to perform more active duties such as house work and exercise.

Since returning home Sharon has continued using the NuYu lifestyle approach towards her eating and exercise and as a result has overcome her back injury to the point where it only causes minimal discomfort, has lost over 25kgs and reduced her diabetes medications from 6 tablets to just 1.

Sharon's doctor advises that she will be off medication completely before Christmas if she continues following the plan.

Well done Sharon and congratulations on regaining your life back!