Chris and Sharon joined NuYu in early 2008 looking to change their lives. Chris was suffering with high blood pressure and was also battling depression, while Sharon was struggling with debilitating back problems, high blood pressure as well as type 2 diabetes. Initially signing on for a 2 week day stay package, they both loved the program, support and results so much that Chris ended up staying on for 8 weeks!

Now, 5 years later, we are thrilled to hear they have continued their health journey and are both feeling amazing and loving life! Chris has dropped a staggering 50kgs, significantly reduced his alcohol consumption and beaten depression to be COMPLETELY MEDICATION FREE, while Sharon is no longer held back by her back problems or blood pressure plus her once out of control diabetes is now perfectly under control, even her Dr IS AMAZED.

Eating healthily, drinking less and keeping active are now a part of everyday for Chris and Sharon. They have achieved amazing feats and we are proud to have been a part of their life changing journey.

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