Chris’ Journey

Chris (age 49) lives locally in Sydney and recently attended the Nu-Life Day Stay Experience program. Prior to starting here with NuYu Chris had lost his job of 16 years and was suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure – medicated), morbid obesity (148kgs), was depressed and generally feeling terrible. Chris struggled to walk up stairs and avoided any form of exercise at every opportunity.

At first, Chris booked in for a 3 week program with his wife Sharon, however after just 2 weeks and seeing some amazing changes Chris decided to extend his 3 week program to 6 weeks. Ultimately Chris felt that his life was changing in such a dramatic way, for the better, that he ended up staying with us for a total of 10 weeks. In this time Chris experienced:

Loss of 28kgs (20% of his body weight)
Loss of over 60cms off his body measurements
29.4% reduction in blood pressure (diastolic measure)
9.8 point reduction in Body Mass Index (BMI)
Significant improvement in skin and eye colour tone
Significant improvement in stamina, cardiovascular capacity, flexibility and overall health
Chris now has the confidence and self belief to find new employment and continue on with his healthy lifestyle. Chris believes that his time at NuYu has been truly amazing;

‘My time at NuYu has been an amazing journey, I have even placed your company logo inside my passport so that my experience here will always be remembered as one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Thank you.’

Chris’ current weight loss is over 50kgs and still going strong….

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