Debra’s Journey

Debra lives in Sydney and joined us in late 2007 for a 1 week program. Leading up to her time at NuYu Debra was feeling depressed about her weight (96kgs), felt that her eating habits were out of control (eating chocolate/lollies/treats and large volumes of soft drink everyday) and had a severe lack of motivation towards exercise.

Debra’s time at NuYu was spent focusing on making the lifestyle changes necessary to support long term weight loss and ultimately get fitter and healthier.

‘… it’s amazing how easy it is to put everything into practice and still enjoy myself without feeling deprived just by making good choices.’

7 months on, Debra has become an amazing inspiration to herself, her family, friends and everyone else around her. Since NuYu Debra has gone on to lose more than 23 kilos and has found her inner passion for health and fitness again. Debra’s recent list of accomplishments include;

recently completed 2 half marathon’s, that’s over 20 kilometres (and is already planning to more)
is back to playing competition soccer on weekends just like the old days
winner of the ‘Member of the Month’ award at her local gym and PT studio.
Congratulations Debra and keep up the great work inspiring us all.

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