In early 2008 Jody contacted NuYu desperately seeking help. At 171kgs Jody could no longer perform basic house hold chores or play with her daughter, and was basically ready to give up all hope.

Over the years Jody had tried all of the diets, more than once, had applied (but was rejected each time) to the Biggest Loser television series each year, and in early 2007 even had lap band surgery to overcome her weight problem.

Sadly, and like many others have experienced, none of these other options worked, Jody just kept putting the weight on….

What’s more, Jody’s weight struggles were also being passed on through her family with an 8 year old daughter who weighed 70kgs (the weight of an average size male)

All in all Jody spent 12 weeks at NuYu learning how to change her life for the better, and she has now returned home to put into practice everything she has learned.

October 2008

Jody and Angel continue to follow the NuYu approach to healthy living and have continued to lose weight and improve their health. Jody’s doctor has advised her that Angel is almost at an acceptable ideal weight for her age and Jody has lost more than 45kgs

Jody and Angels amazing results are a credit to their persistent hard work and commitment to improving their lives.

Keep up the great work girls!

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