3 Important Things to Know Before Weight Loss Surgery

The golden rules when it comes to successful health and weight loss are;

  • Keep it Real
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Going


When it comes to food, keep it both real and simple! We want to be eating foods that have not been (highly) processed and lost much of their nutritional value. A general rule of thumb is if it looks like it came from the ground or an animal (in its original state or very close to it) then great, it’s probably very good for you.

Portion control is crucial. Aim for smaller portions spaced out over 4 to 6 meals per day. Be sure to eat slowly and enjoy your food, (20 minutes is a good target to have) this will improve digestion and your ability to manage portions effectively.


With exercise, simply move more. Moderate and high intensity exercise sessions are great for burning loads of energy fast but never under estimate the power in simple activities like walking, stretching and lifting etc. Early morning walks and regular incidental exercise helps to speed up your metabolism, burn continuous energy throughout the day and will add years to your life… Literally


Finally, health and weight loss success always comes from habits. Habits are the little things that keep everything going even when you don’t ‘feel like doing it’. Focus on 2 or 3 simple health tips each week and aim to make them part of your daily routine before adding new ones.

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