Although often portrayed as the biggest contributor to weight loss, exercise is just one piece of the weight loss puzzle. Nutrition plays a key role in weight loss and having an understanding of nutrition and how to identify, prepare and maintain a healthy diet will see long term lifestyle change. It is this educational element of nutrition based information that seems to be missing from commercialised weight loss programs like the Biggest Loser. Informing the contestants to be mindful of what they are eating and giving them a meal plan is definitely beneficial and in most cases effective whilst they are in the house but what happens when they go home?

At NuYu Total Health we spend quality time with our guests in providing practical and realistic information on healthy eating. We cover everything from the importance of balanced healthy diet and why ‘dieting’ is bad for you to the importance of including whole foods in your diet. As well as providing practical information regarding what to do when eating out, how to prepare and cook healthy meals and even how to identify healthy foods from the nutritional content. This practical and realistic information results in our guests going home feeling empowered and confident in their ability to prepare and maintain a healthy diet in their everyday life.

We congratulate the orange team, Robyn and Katie from the Biggest Loser on their win this week! We wish them and all the contestants from the Biggest Loser all the best as they start their real journey now that they are back at home.

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