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No matter how much you love exercise, the cold weather and shortened days make it a lot more difficult. Here are some reasons why we should love our winter workouts:

1. You’ll be happier

When temperatures drop and days get shorter, it’s easy to find yourself a bit down. The best mood elevator is exercise and maintaining a routine throughout winter can even affect Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

2. Fresh air is good for you

In winter, we close windows, blast heaters and rug up. There isn’t too much clean, fresh air. Going outside for some exercise gives your body and your lungs time to detox and breathe deeply, which is good for your mind and your body.

3. Avoid gym germs

A packed gym is much like a class room, full of germs, bugs and lots of other nasties. In the height of flu season, gyms act as a hot bed and can easily spread illnesses. There’s no need for hand sanitizer in the crisp winter air!

4. Cool winter workout gear

There is more workout gear than ever before available to us so exercising in the open air doesn’t have to mean excessive layers. Light, waterproof and windproof clothes can keep you warm and protected from the elements and you can even look pretty cool!

5. You’ll warm up

No, really. Your feet will never get time to be cold when pounding the pavement and once you get going you’ll be toasty. Remember to wear gloves and cover your ears on particularly cold days and wear a moisture wicking material to absorb any sweat that might make you cold. Leave cold hands and feet for the people at the bus stop!

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