Motivation can be a determining factor when working out alone, and one way to combat this is to work out with someone. Whether it’s your partner, a friend or a family member, a workout buddy can give that motivation needed to get you out of bed or away of the office and into the park or gym for a quality workout.

Tips for the perfect partner workout

Work out together considering each other’s fitness levels and goals. Partner work outs are great and cost less than a personal trainer. If you’re unsure of the correct workouts and regime, then why not attend a health and fitness retreat like NuYu. NuYu can put you on the right track and inspire you by educating you on ideas for workout regimes moving forward.

If you find you are more or less the same level of fitness, a run together is a great idea – it’s always good to have a running partner, in order to push on the other as much as you can. However, if one of you is far fitter than the other, they will have the ability to go at a faster pace for a longer period of time – in these cases a suggestion is to head out together, when the lead runner reaches a designated point ie the end of the street they double back until they meet their partner and then set off set off together again. Alternatively, rather than running, opt for partner work outs – like pad boxing, weight training and hitting the gym. Or why not try a yoga session together? Once you understand the moves and sequences, this is something you can then practise together in your garden or comfort of your own home.

• Encourage each other, do not shout or push too hard.

• Help the other’s performance, do not hinder.

• Sympathise with the other’s aches and pains.

• Follow on your exercise routine in the home and continue with healthy cooking.

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